Senior care assistants/medicine technicians (SCA/med techs) provide the highest possible standard of care and service to residents while performing a supervisory role. While on duty, they oversee other care workers and take responsibility for the smooth running of the service. SCA/med techs administer prescribed drugs in accordance with NMC guidelines and company policy and procedure. They respond to emergencies and provide guidance and support to care assistants, under the supervision of qualified nursing staff.

Reporting to: RGN/RMN in charge of shift

What does the role involve?

The working life of a senior care assistant/medicine technician (SCA/med tech) is a busy and varied one. The role is very similar to that of a senior care assistant, with the added responsibility of administering and giving out medication.

The SCA/med tech’s day usually begins by allocating duties for the floor’s care team, which includes all tasks from the serving of residents’ morning tea through to their suppertime. There’s usually a quick staff ‘huddle’ to ensure that each member of the team knows what they are supposed to be doing.

Other tasks for the SCA/med tech include dispensing and managing medication, preparing for new admissions and accompanying the GPs’ rounds at the home – all while ensuring that residents receive the best care possible. Throughout the shift, he or she will carry out regular checks on residents and the environment, working with the management team to ensure that the home’s high standards are maintained at all times.

There is plenty of interaction with residents while giving personal care and/or medication, for example, or during activities and at mealtimes, all of which helps foster a sense of connection. The role is not just about administering care but also providing companionship and support.

Throughout the day, the SCA/med tech interacts with everyone, from residents and colleagues to family and professional visitors. The job holder is also a valued mentor and guide to new and junior staff. They provide training, supervision and support in all aspects of the work to ensure that the team works harmoniously and effectively.

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