The facilities technician takes responsibility for health and safety, general decoration, maintenance and repair throughout the home, including the garden and grounds.

Reporting to: Home Manager

What does the role involve?

The facilities technician’s role is extremely important for the safety and wellbeing of residents, staff and visitors.

The daily duties are many and varied and will fully utilise the facilities technician’s sound knowledge of property maintenance and repairs, plus their basic plumbing and electrics skills.

Typical tasks include arranging regular fire and smoke alarm tests, checking that drains, guttering, bathrooms, windows and other equipment work properly, reporting faults promptly and liaising with outside suppliers to ensure that work or repairs on the premises and in the garden is completed to a high standard. A key part of the role involves maintaining accurate records, keeping the garden and grounds tidy and free from obstruction and, overall, ensuring that the entire environment (both internal and external) is safe and clean at all times.

The facilities technician supports the activities team in helping to ensure that events run smoothly and safely. This could be anything, from a visit by a pet therapist and a selection of friendly animals to a show by a singer or musician or a garden party attended by residents, staff, families and visitors from the local community.

Due to the nature of the work this is not always a nine-to-five role, as some extra on-call support may be needed, but it offers plenty of excitement and variety as well as significant responsibility. There’s plenty of interaction with residents, too, which is extremely rewarding.

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