Working under the direction of the head of housekeeping and the home manager, the domestic assistant helps to ensure the highest possible standards of cleanliness in all parts of the home.

Reporting to: Head of Housekeeping

What does the role involve?

The domestic assistant plays a vital role in keeping the home clean, fresh and sanitised to the highest possible standard. He or she works as part of the housekeeping team and reports to the head of housekeeping.

It’s a busy and varied role and no two days are ever the same. When the domestic assistant arrives at the home, he or she will check their schedule to see where they will be working that day. It could be in the lounge, dining room, kitchen, nurses’ stations or in the laundry. They will then meticulously scrub floors, clean surfaces, scrub floors and ensure that every corner of the residents’ rooms, bathrooms and communal spaces are clean and hygienic. Every month each resident’s room, including the carpet, is deep cleaned and the mattress changed.

One of the most rewarding parts of the job is interacting with the residents. As the domestic assistant will often work in the residents’ rooms, there is a valuable opportunity to build close relationships with them, sharing conversation and laughter, while always respecting their dignity and privacy. In this respect the role goes beyond tidying up – it is also about brightening the residents’ day and providing companionship. Sometimes residents also like to get involved, helping with dusting, folding laundry or even pushing the trolley!

An understanding of infection control is important and domestic assistants also need the ability to work alone at times as well as part of a team. Ongoing training is given to keep knowledge and skills continually updated.

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