Hampton Care Home


Meet Anne Trigg, our new home manager

We’re delighted to welcome Anne Trigg as our new manager. She brings a wealth of valuable and varied experience to the role. Not only is she a qualified chef, baker and butcher – courtesy of the Women’s Royal Air Force – but she is also a mental health trainer, university lecturer and psychiatric nurse who spent 15 years working with patients on a secure unit. Since moving over to elderly care, Anne has held senior management posts within such well-known companies as Caring Homes, Friends of the Elderly and Royal British Legion, where she oversaw several CQC outstanding ratings.

Anne is determined to reinforce Hampton’s commitment to person-centred care, ensuring that residents are supported to live full and active lives, as far as possible.  She’s also got a bee in her bonnet about how, as a nation, we see older people.

“They are people with wisdom, not children,” she says. “Why should they not do what they enjoy, simply because they live in a care home? Our role is to protect them, not take away their choice.”

Anne is already enjoying working with new deputy manager Mobin Philip (the home’s former clinical lead) and the rest of her new team. “Every day our dedicated and highly skilled staff endeavor to deliver the best care to residents. But we won’t rest on our laurels because we can always be better at what we do!”

She’s also revelling in being new as it gives her a vital fresh perspective on the home. “It’s easy to stop seeing things that are wrong when you’ve been in a role for some time. That’s why CQC’s input is always so valuable.”

Outside work Anne enjoys dressmaking, which she finds “very therapeutic” and baking with her four young great-grandchildren.