Hampton Care Home


Greenacres Nursery

Every week the wonderful children, usually full of excitement, come and join the residents for an afternoon of activities. Sometimes the children bring their own activity that the residents help with, or the children join in with ours, whether that be some baking, crafts or even a bubble show!

Arts and crafts is a real favourite for the children and the residents, and as everyone gathers around the table it is an afternoon filled with laughter and chatter. This week everyone cut out a stick man in a colour of their choice, and decorated him/her with stickers, glitter and anything else they could find to make it look the best. However, a couple of stickers ended up on our residents…we’re not sure how that happened – Minnie and John didn’t seem to mind though, it was all smiles here!

Our residents have started to create a real bond with the children, and it is always a joy to see the reaction when the children arrive every week. Keep an eye out to see what else we get up to the children from Greenacres Day Nursery!